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2017: a NOTEworthy year!

Transforming Parallels, a new work for solo multiphonic flute, premiered at Hands-On Flute, The University of Aveiro, Portugal. April, 2017

Wayfaring Stranger, a new work for solo multiphonic flute, released on video. July, 2017

Sandstone Peak, a new work commissioned and premiered by Mélomanie, April, 2017

"McAlvin is a clever composer who skillfully adapts the serial technique to tell a story of illusion, erosion and feeling exposed. Throughout the composition, the row becomes dismantled and recombined reappearing in each movement in various guises and instrumental textures. The effect is one of fantasy and vulnerability."

--in WilmINgton

Branches Reaching, in its fourth performance,

with Kristin Samadi at the piano, April, 2017

Bird Houses, for solo piano, sent to Emiko Sato, June, 2017.  Ready for some light revision in 2018!

ChaTToir artist interview with arts advocate, Yulia Berry, July 2017.

Blue Nose Jingle, premiered by the

Music & Arts flute choir, December 2017.


Polymorphisms, an older work for electric flute, released on video. August, 2017

Flute Kids, composed for the students at the Special Music School of New York City, under the direction of Valerie Holmes, March, 2017.  Also performed by the Music & Arts Flute choir, August, 2017

Overlooking Hither Hills, premiered by the Chamber Orchestra of the Hamptons, under the direction of Andrew Perea, August, 2017

Adventures of a Flying Pond Bug, delivered September, 2017 to Linda DiMartino Wetherill, flute professor at Adelphi University and director of Counterpoint-Italy

Something to come!  A new holiday work for solo multiphonic flute...might be a bit late....

Upcoming in 2018:

  • New blog post: Air stream or air streamS?

  • New blog post: Do multiphonics co-exist in the flute tube, or do they vacillate?

  • New work for string quartet plus flute:  And the Joy will Burn out the pain

Courage, Patience, and Focus to you in 2018!


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