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Fourteen Fortnights of Multiphonics

Each video covers a different multiphonic:

     -close-ups of fingerings

     -the sound to aim for

     -tips for the air stream

     -participant questions are answered in each video, and on the threads


The Fortnight Map tells you which fingering we're working on.  


You can re-open it at any time.


The piece we're learning
An introductory video
How are multiphonics created? How can we tune multiphonics?
Fortnight 1: Play D and B at the same time
Fortnight 2: Play E and C at the same time
Fortnight 3: Move the E to F# and keep the C
Fortnight 4: Move the F# to G and keep the C.  
Learn the famous multiphonic from the Berio Sequenza, G and C at the same time.
Fortnight 5: Play a 4-3 suspension-resolution on flute!
Fortnight 6: This one's a doozie. Play G and E at the same time.
Fortnight 7: Echo your 4-3 suspension resolution with a 6-5!
Play B and D at the same time. (another doozie...Hang in there!)
Fortnight 8: This one's easier!
Fortnight 9: Thumb gymnastics... another beautiful 4-3 suspension-resolution.
Fortnight 10: A yin and a of the most popular (and easy) multiphonics, followed by one of the rarest (and most difficult!)
Fortnight 11: Finger flex: try out a gorgeous Leittonwechsel!
Fortnight 12: B minor to B major, play a parallel transformation!
Fortnight 13: Flute Portamento!
Fortnight 14: A dazzling double-transformation
Anchor 1
Anchor 2
Transforming Parallels: a new work for solo multiphonic flute!  The pieces uses only the fingerings of the fortnight series.
Now try this one!
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