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Wayfaring Stranger (2017), a work for solo multiphonic flute

Recorded at John Kilgore Studios, NYC by MP Kuo

Video at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Sandstone Peak (2017), a work for flute, violin, viola de gamba,

cello and harpsichord, premiered as part of the Provocative

Pairings series by the award-winning Melomanie.

                I.  Illusion (excerpt)

               II.  Conversation

              III.  Throne of Sand

             IV.   Everywhere at Once

Transforming Parallels (2017), a work for solo multiphonic flute premiered at the Hands-On Flute Research conference hosted by IMPAR at the University of Aveiro, April 2017.

Branches Reaching, for flute and piano (2016).  This piece was composed for pianist Kristin Samadi.  It was premiered at St. John's Lutheran Church of Lindenhurst, then subsequently performed in Aveiro, Portugal at the Hands-On Flute Research conference hosted by IMPAR and at the Scandinavia House in New York City, as part of a composers' concert hosted by the Musicians' Club of New York.  This video is the piece's fourth performance, as part of the Noontime Faculty Concert series at Adelphi Univeristy.

Birdhouses for solo piano (2017).  Each birdhouse represents a struggle between the life force and the desire to be civilized.  The harmony swirls around the mouth of the bird house, undergoing transformations which lead it only—and always—within a few voice leading motions from that which keeps it swirling.



Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 11.20.49 PM.png

Cherry Blossoms (2015) for solo flute, published by Moveable Doors Publications, commissioned by Emiko Sato, premiered in October of 2015

My First Kiss and the People Involved (2015) a                           

feature film directed by Luigi Campi, produced

by Dodgeville Films.  Premiering this weekend at 

the Los Angeles Film Festival!

Overlooking Hither Hills, for chamber orchestra.  Composed for the Chamber Orchestra of the Hamptons, premiered at the Montauk Playhouse under the direction of Dr. Andrew Perea.


Parallel Transformations (2015) for solo flute, premiered

in NYC in February of 2015 











Flute Kids (2017), for flute choir with optional piano and low flutes,

composed for the students of Valerie Holmes at the Special Music School run by the Kaufman Center, New York City's only K-12 for music students.

PolyMORPHism (2013) for electric flute, premiered in 

Lindenhurst, NY in October of 2013.  The piece uses multiphonics in combination with delay/loop pedal to multiply a single flute into a flute orchestra.  This performance was improvised live for an audience at the Spoon Cafe in Lindenhurst, NY.

Bear Mountain (2012) for Flute and Piano, premiered by 

Bonnie McAlvin and William McNally, in NYC in February 

of 2013 (video of the premiere)


          I. Hibernation > Tectonic Volition

          II. Cadenza

          III. Tectonic Shift > Structural Disturbance

          IV. Perspectives

          V. Structural Upheaval




Verklarte Fantasy (2011) for flute, violin, cello and                  






Adventures of a Flying Pond Bug (2010-2011) for                    

two Flutes (MIDI)


          I.  Adventures of a Flying Pond Bug

          II.  White Water Lily Floating

          III.  Frugeale

          IV.  Yellow raft sassafrass

          V.   Apostosis




Contrapictions (2010) for  Flute, Viola and Cello, premiered

by Bonnie McAlvin (flute), Karen Rostron (violin) and Marta

Bedkowska-Reilly (cello) in NYC 2010.  For sound file, click.

          I. UrgenTrifling

          II. EnHamored

          III. LampShades

          IV. IrRuminations


The Sunken Forest (2009) for Flute and Piano, premiered by

Bonnie McALvin and Aleksandra Sarest in NYC in February of 



Falling Red Leaves (2009) for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Cello and Piano, written for Roz Wall (soprano)

Marta Bedkowska-Reilly (cello)

Aleksandra Sarest (piano)


Little Pieces for Piccolo and Piano (2008), premiered by

Bonnie McAlvin and Aleksandra Sarest in NYC in February

of 2009.   


           I. Rabbit Tricks

           II. Maple Leaf Dripping

           III. Waiting for The Carnival

           IV. Missing More Than One Shoe

           V. Bouncing Off the Turtle-Top






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