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Multiphonics Hunting

Multiphonics Hunting is an online class dedicated to achieving a very fine control of multiphonics.  The goal is to tune the multiphonics, so that they form audible intervals and convey a rich tapestry of harmony and voiceleading.


Class time is spent experimenting with embouchure, aperture shape, tongue position/shape, air pressure and air direction toward the end of stabilizing, tuning, and balancing multiphonics at a very high level.  The course includes two group webinar meetings, two private lessons, an exercise book, and a group project.

NEXT  SESSION begins June 19th, 2020.



    Early registration deadline: 6/26

    Registration deadline: 7/2


    Module 1 webinar: 7/10

    Module 2 private lesson: 7/13-7/19

    (optional) Zoom practice day: 7/21

    Module 3 webinar: 7/24

    Module 4 lesson: 7/27-8/2

    Project: TBA

TUITION: $250 ($225 for early-bird registrants)

    Full and partial scholarships are sometimes available, apply here.


The class is designed for deeply-committed flutists with an extra-hardy spirit.  This can include amateurs, undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals.  Students should have a willingness to experiment with many aspects of their flute-playing. 

CLASS  SIZE  is kept small, so eligible applicants may be invited to participate in a later session, based on the date of their application.

ALUMNI  may be invited to participate as honorary guests in future projects.  They also receive a discounted rate for any lessons they take with the teacher after their course has ended.

WHAT  STUDENTS  GAIN:  Students gain a very keen sense of their blowing mechanism, and a flexibility in their approach to the flute that carries beautifully over into traditional playing.  Dynamic ranges can be much wider without sacrificing tone or intonation.  Students also gain access to a tremendous repertoire of works that were and are being written with multiphonics.


HOW  DO  I  APPLY  FOR  THE  COURSE,  AND  HOW  DO  I  APPLY  FOR  A  SCHOLARSHIP?  You can apply here.  You'll need to fill out a form and include a link to a sound file, or send a sound file over email.  If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, you'll need to include a letter of recommendation; please send this link to your recommender.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 22.49.25.png

part of the Multiphonics Hunting exercise book

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