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Learn to express yourself musically

Build connections with others through music

Develop pattern recognition strengths

Develop Fluency with musical languages


Music theory work enriches your experiences of one of the most beautiful and powerful languages: music. 


Work in music theory also can enhance college applications, with the potential for Advanced Placement Exam credits, ABRSM achievement levels, and music-based portfolio projects.  Students learn about music from the inside-out, on a level deeper than they study in band, orchestra, choir and music lessons. 


Lessons are weekly or twice-weekly, in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions, depending on student goals.  Tuition is billed by either a simple pay-by-the-month or pay-by-the-lesson structure, your choice.  Students will need a book, music staff paper, and either a piano, a keyboard or an online keyboard app.

Bonnie writes custom homework assignments, depending on the needs and goals of each student.  Assignments can range anywhere from simple ten-minute reviews to deep in-depth work of 1-2 hours.



                                 ABOUT the teacher:

Bonnie is a composer and educator with over twenty years of experience teaching music.  She has worked with students age 5 to adult, in college, high school, middle and elementary school environments as well as community music schools in New York City.  She performs music in such places as Lincoln Center, the United Nations and Carnegie Hall, and her own music has been performed on five of the seven continents.  She is known to be patient, extremely knowledgeable, a good explainer and an avid supporter of individual differences in learning.

Bonnie's credentials:

      Doctor of Musical Arts, City University of New York Graduate Center

      Independent Study Abroad, Nice, France

      Master of Music, McGill University

      Bachelor of Music, Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam

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